Making a leading charity’s email system secure, accessible and reliable

Making a leading charity’s email system secure, accessible and reliable

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Sunfield Children’s Home uses our Enterprise R20 load balancing solution to ensure its email system works effectively and fault-free 24/7.

Sunfield is an independent specialist school and children’s home located in the West Midlands, UK. They provide education, care, and therapy for children and young people aged 6-19 with a variety of social, emotional, physical, and learning difficulties. For charity organizations like Sunfield, email can sometimes be the sole form of communication between internal and external parties.

To manage an email system effectively your database needs to be scalable and your systems need to be able to handle large volumes of data. Sunfield previously used an older version of Microsoft Exchange Server, so when its capacity started to exceed the previous solution they decided to update to Microsoft Server Exchange 2010.

With any new update, it’s vital that your infrastructure can handle it. To fortify its system the charity needed to make sure it was secure, robust, and resilient enough to handle the new email system update. Sunfield is a 24/7 operation, but it’s IT department is not, so the organisation needed to have the confidence that, in the event of a problem at night, staff would be able to receive and send critical emails.

Load balancing technology was needed for the new server system, that would also provide protection in the event of a problem – essentially, load balancing email data from one server to another in the event of any failures.


Paul Cope, Systems Administrator at Sunfield, researched different solutions before settling on ours. “We are a small charity and budgets are very tight and we wanted a load balancing solution that would do the job, but was affordable.” We’re proud to offer some of the most competitively priced solutions on the market.

Sunfield chose an Enterprise R20 High Availability Clustered Pair. Our appliance is a low-cost, starter solution delivering power and throughput needed to support business-critical applications. They were able to easily install the load balancer themselves but our fantastic five-star support team was available to contact 24/7 - quick, simple, and effective.

Our solution has been so effective in providing a scalable, resilient environment that users were able to easily access their emails problem-free. Find out more about our success with Sunfield or check out our other customer case studies across a wide range of sectors.